The California Bank


The building site of their bank was just one block from Spring Street and on the cable car line H.C. Witmer and associates had inaugurated in 1885, just two years before the bank building was completed. The California Bank opened for business in 1887 and continued successfully until 1903. At that time it was converted into the American National Bank with Clayton Witmer as Vice President. In July of the following year Clayton resigned, but maintained his banking interests as a Director of the First National Bank and the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company.

Shown in the final construction phase in 1886, this four-story, brick exterior Gothic Revival Victorian command the corner of Second and Fort Street (now Broadway).


On a sunny December day in 1887, Shaffner's California Views took this photo of the completed California Bank, just months after the bank's incorporation in August. Tenants in the turreted building included dentists, whose offices had a view of the Presbyterian church, built in 1883 at a cost of $20,000 (including the lot) on the southeast corner.


Spittoons and brass foot rails do not belie the elegant interior of the California Bank. The clock indicates 3:20